The role of “Brand Manager” is a complex one, integral to the success of any modern enterprise. We work across every area of the business and collaborate with every department. We’re involved in strategy and day-to-day operations, work behind-the-scenes and in the spotlight, and toggle between spreadsheets and InDesign all day long. Yep, we drink coffee for a reason.

A good brand manager will possess a myriad of skills. We need to be brand aware, strategic, creative, an excellent communicator, organised, detail-orientated, results-driven, trend savvy, good with budgets, self-motivated…I could go on, but you get the idea. The gig calls for talent!

In saying that, throughout my career there are a handful of traits I’ve come to recognise in the best of the best. These are the qualities that make for a truly high-performing brand manager. Many possess one or two; the real magic happens when you possess all four.

Business Acumen

More than interpreting spreadsheets, having business acumen is about understanding how a business makes money and importantly, how each piece of the puzzle contributes (or detracts). A business savvy brand manager can pull the right lever for a specific result.


High-performing brand managers see the big picture; a sense of purpose for the business and each of its moving parts. They understand, step by step, how to bring that vision to life. Further, they’re able to communicate that vision to inspire and lead the way forward.

Gut Instinct

Call it experience, intuition or pure brain power; brand managers at the top of their game have a scarily accurate gut instinct…AND the guts to follow it. They take stock of the situation, weigh up risk and opportunity in seconds and (usually) make the right call.


High-performing brand managers are natural leaders. Good with people and effective negotiators, they’re able to directly (or indirectly) affect actions that ultimately benefit the business – no matter where they stand on the corporate hierarchy.

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